What do you want to know about me?

Do not ask about my age because that is the secret I will never tell. xoxo

I am a xx years old girl with brown hair and black eyes. I have xx siblings and I am the xx child in the family. I live in xx with my family and my hometown is in xx. Are these making you feel tired and impatient? Absolutely! I am not going to introduce myself in this tedious way.


"This is how people describe me: 
outgoing, outspoken, friendly, sporty, beautiful, shapely, hot and sexy".

May is my birthday month. A Taurus personality is sensual and seek physical pleasure in all areas. I am very fond of nice looking food, artistic thoughts, rainy weather, poetic emotions and a very comfortable life. In every situation, I seek comfort more than most. If you want to make me truly happy, provide me with the best accommodation and living, with every facility.

Sorry to say that I love to have a sound bank balance because I need security and it comes through $$$ only. Lending money and personal items is not my trait. It means that I feel reluctant to lend my belonging to anyone else. In other words, I would expect that other people should buy their own stuff rather than borrowing from me. 

Listening to music is probably one of my hobbies. There would be very few people in the world, who wouldn't be enchanted to music. Am i right? Other than that, I love traveling and  meeting new people as I have always wanted to explore new things. I am interested in many other aspects as well, such as playing sports (taekwondo & swimming), reading, cooking, photography, drawing and painting.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media Communications majoring in broadcasting and journalism from the National University of Malaysia. The invaluable experience I gained during the 3 years in campus was an excellent jump-start to my career. I have been trained to think critically, juggle with multiple projects and deadlines, and work well with people no matter in teams or individually.

Law of attraction - I master & apply it. It says that all our thoughts, all images in our mind, and all the feelings connected to our thoughts will later manifest as our reality. In other words, everything we have in our lives - now - has been attracted to us through our mind.

First time I came across this method, it blew my mind and changed my life forever. Don't kick yourself in the head wishing you had known this long time ago - Apply it NOW. Better late than never.