Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've Registered to Wear Braces

"I want to wear braces! I want to wear braces!" I've been craving for this since last 10 years. Yesterday, I got my dream come true. *wink*

My younger sister and I followed my aunt to Dentistry of University Malaysia yesterday. She brought her 14 years old son to do the treatment. Aunt told me that the braces cost is a lot cheaper than private dental clinic, the total cost is about RM1500 only! But one thing is, you need to wait for perhaps 3months - 1year. It's okay for me as long as I look pretty before getting married. *laughed*

My younger sister paid RM5 for the registration but I didn't need to pay that because I'm local university student. After that, we waited for the dental check-up. My sister came out so fast but I spent about an hour for the check-up and x-ray as my wisdom tooth come out already. I might need to take out 2/3 wisdom tooth before putting the braces. Oh my god! I'm scared of doing minor surgery because it causes so much painful after the surgery.

According to the dentist, I will need to wait for their call to have further treatments. So, what I need to do now is just waiting. =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family & Personal Portrait

After waiting for almost two weeks, I got my graduation photos. Finally!

The day before my convocation, I brought my family to take family portrait in a professional studio which located in SS15, Subang Jaya. I found this studio on internet and I noticed that the shooting skills are awesome. I highly recommended this studio as the promotion package for student is attractive and the pricing is reasonable as well.

I took the RM180 promotion package which included 2x11R photo with photo frame, 6x4R photo and a soft copy. For addition, I paid a little bit more to have 1x5R photo and change the 11R photo quality to canvas because it will look more nicer and last longer. 

The photo colour and quality are awesome!

I got another 5R photo (parents) for free as I introduced some friends to the studio.

Mini laminated photos that given by the studio proprietress  *Thanks Miss Yen*

Personal Portrait

Family Portrait
(from the left: Chloe Sun, Me, Eylse Sun, Calvin Sun)

My lovely Daddy & Mummy

If you are interested to take personal portrait/ graduation photo/ wedding photo, kindly visit the website:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

Message received from Avelyn (25/8/10): "Hey girls! MOS tomorrow? I'm really feel like going, don't ffk me!

Message received from May (26/8/10): "Peng, are you going with us tonight?"

To go or not to go? I kept asking myself because I have had rejected them for so many times. I've been implementing the 'Quit Clubbing' plan for more than a year as I don't like to stay up late. But occasionally, I would go. Just dance? Perhaps. 

Look at the pictures above! "I AM READY TO CLUB"

The girls were surrounded every direction. Don't you see that?

         I was holding a glass of liquor *tastes good*       How to seduce a guy? Look at Avelyn!

                  Fellxion *Sexy Yoga Girl*                  May with her Louis Vuitton bag *original*

Avelyn was the most 'colorful' girl among us!

 As what Fellxion said, I'll not quit clubbing as long as she's still breathing! 

I'm proud to have 3 HP (hot & pretty) girls with me!

There's a million else burning brightly just like fire fight! We the flashing lights!

Did us  make you stop and stare? 

We're rocking! We're rolling! I know it! You know it!

Paparazzi trying to make me pose *xoxo Eaven*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm So Confused

"It Isn't As Easy As It Seems" -- It' so TRUE!

People always say that the world is complicated because thousands of people are living in a big community. The working environment is like a rose garden, full of THORN. One must be very careful with the people around and be alert all the time.

That's one of the reason of why i don't like roses. I like sunflowers. Sunshine in the paradise~~

I supposed to start my work today but I didn't go as I found out some negative comments about the company on the internet. Thanks to my dear classmate Lee San who reminded me of this last night. From the observation, I found out that the advertising & promotions company is doing something about sales. They said got no sales target or what but I don't think so. Sales people! I hate people cheating on others. I like to travel, meet new people, communicate and coordinate events but definitely not sales job.

I'm so confused. I don't want to work in the bank because I hate boring life. Routine job? NO WAY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Interview Session

I'm so tired! But I'm still blogging at home now *laughed*

I went for the final interview today. It could actually be considered as orientation day which mean the trainer will bring their trainee out for observation and practice. 

I was so surprised when my trainer Vivian told me this: "Eaven, do you know how many candidates came for the interview last Friday which in the same day with you? There were 20 candidates and only 5 were selected to go for the final interview. You are so lucky because you got selected by the manager."

Before going out for observation, Vivian and another trainer who called Calvin brought me to a Chinese restaurant for breakfast. It's so fun to have chatting with them as they are very friendly and outspoken. They asked me some questions and I was able to answer them well which made them feel surprised too. I'm really glad that I got working experiences during my study because I've learned many things.

Calvin got a little bit of shock when I said I come from Chinese primary school as he thought I'm English educated person who know to speak Chinese. When I asked him the reason, he said: "From the way you speak, the way you dress up yourself and everything, you don't look like a typical Chinese." I think it's because of I stay in Subang which is a city place. 

After an hour of walking, we took a rest in a restaurant. Before this, she asked me: "Do you want to have a rest?" I said: "It's okay. I can rest later." She said: "Wow! You are the most aggressive trainee that I've ever seen." Of course I'm happy to hear about that. *wink*

When we get back to the company, it was almost 6.30pm. After the observation session, I was given a test paper which I have to answer all the 8 subjective questions. Vivian viewed my certificate book when I was writing the answer and she kept saying that I'm so intelligent and got the good balance in both of the academic and involvement in activities. Then, Calvin came and sat beside me with a album on his hand. He displayed the pictures and told me how much of fun they had in the company. *sweet*

Finally, I went in to the manager's office for final interview. Oh! The manager laughed and said that I've been praised by Vivian. Thanks for the compliments!

But one thing is I'm still not that believe to the company because when I asked about annual leave/ bonus, they didn't really tell me but kept talking about the salary is mostly based on the performance. In other words, sales. They said got no sales target but I think it's just a excuse for them to recruit more sales people to work for the company. I'm thinking and thinking now... ...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Car. No Job.

I need a car!
Without my own transportation, I couldn't go to work in Astro, NTV7, 8TV, etc...
No public transport can reach there...
Those jobs which I'm interested in are mostly event/ media/ marketing...
No Car. No Job.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Interview for a Full Time Job

What have I been doing? Recently, I have been looking for a full time job by searching on internet and newspaper as well. I applied for few jobs in last two days and surprisingly I got several calls from different companies yesterday. 

It was my first time of going to a proper interview. The appointment was made at 1.30 pm but I arrived there half an hour earlier as I don't like to be late. After calling the admin for several times, I managed to find the company which is located in Bangsar. 

When I stepped in to the office, I saw three people were sitting there. First come first serve, so I was the last candidate. Oh! It's so suffering to wait at the outside as I saw the candidates went in one by one. It made me feel nervous and scared. *laughed* 

I went in the room at 3.30pm and came out at 4.15pm which mean the interview session took about 45 minutes. *wow* I didn't look at the watch when the interview session was going on because I had a good chat with the branch manager. When I first saw him, I was thinking how old is he actually because he looks young and friendly. 

From the conversation, he told me that the company is a Singapore based company which has many branches in Malaysia and Singapore. It's an Event & Management Company which the employees will have the opportunity to travel oversea. There's something which made me feel delighted and pleased:

Situation 1
Manager: Do you read the Star newspaper frequently?
Me        : No. My dad always buy Chinese newspaper.
Manager: Oh? You're Chinese educated? (with a little bit of shock)

Situation 2
Manager: If you are assigned to travel to Singapore, you'll get paid by Sing dollars. Have you been there?
Me        : Never been there but I wish to travel oversea.
Manager: Oh, really? It seems like that you travel a lot, exposed to many things, and talkative.

Situation 3
Me       : Would there be any opportunity for advancement?
Manager: You know what? 
                I'm really like you asking me this kind of question because only little people would ask bout it. 
                I can see that you are very ambitious and you got vision. 

Situation 4
Manager: So, can you come for a briefing and final interview on Monday?
Me        : Sorry, I got an appointment with my lecturer. Can we make it on Tuesday?
Manager: Okay. So, see you on Tuesday. Nice to talk to you. 

Actually, I really got an appointment but not with my lecture. I'm going for another interview in Bukit Jalil this coming Monday. So, I'll compared the salary and overall benefits, then only I pick the one I want. For backup plan, I do have another interview in Damansara Utama this coming Thursday. *wink*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampires Suck Official Trailer HD

See properly, he is not Robert Pattinson and she is not Kristen Stewart! Who are they? 

Find it out in the video below >>> 

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Grandmother, Happy Birthday!

I just came back from my grandparents' house and now i am blogging about what I've done there. Oh, I'm getting more and more addicted to blog.♥♥

According to Chinese calender, today should be Chinese Valentine's Day. But today is my grandmother's birthday as well. My sister and I did some greeting cards, bought her Brand's chicken essence and green tea cake for her. Of course, we made 'longevity noodles' for her too! I could see from her face, the feeling of exultant, ecstatic and pleased! 

My cousin sisters & brothers

Handsome Joe with the 'peace' hand pose *kawaiine*

'Fingers' pointed toward the red team *MU fans* XD

Ivy Sun with her lovely teddy bears

Naughty Ivy hit my ass when I pose 'rabbits' on her *laughed*

My younger sister Chloe & my cousin sister Evon

Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

"The original taste, a brand new experience" -- definitely no doubt for the first time visitors. It's a very nice looking Japanese Restaurant called Pasta Zanmai. An inspiration from the immense diversity of delicate and healthy Japanese food and the love for pasta. A creation from fresh & natural raw materials, prepared to perfection with original recipes. It was certainly not new to me as I went there for few times already. 

The environment & the decoration

Ebi Tempura Pasta with sesame sauce

Seafood Pasta

 Chicken Katsu Rice

Ungai Fried Rice

Asari Wafu Special (oyster soup pasta)

 Salmon Ikura Pasta

 While waiting for the foods

His sleepy look

 I couldn't remember this scene, might have something attractive in the taken photo caught my attention.

Mirror Mirror on the wall~

 Bye! See you next time! *wink*

Putrajaya Millennium Monument

"Take as much photos as you can of your friends and family because they are just as proud of your achievement as you are", I told myself. On my graduation day, I took many photos with my family and classmates because I might not be seeing them in the future. The day before my graduation day, I took family and personal portraits in a professional photo studio. Guess what? It's a tradition in my own family as my elder sister did that too.

Last year, I had always wanted to take graduation photo with my good buddies. For me, I think that's a way of showing my love to them as I take it quite serious. *laughed* Finally, my dream fulfilled today! I had a great day with my hometown friends in Putrajaya, an "Intelligent Garden City and the federal administrative capital of Malaysia.

Putrajaya Lake View

Millennium Monument which looks like a rocket or missile is one of the main attractions of Putrajaya.

Built in the shape of the national flower- the hibiscus, it is 68 meters tall and is located in the Precinct 2 park.

From the left: Fellxion, Me, Avelyn & May (the only guy was Jason)

Wow! I love the scenery! And my crazy friends as well *wink*

 Fellxion and Me

Avelyn & Me

"Let me take a photo with your certificate, I treat you meal later"
"Cannot! No way! Give it back to me..."

 Jason (JiaJun) & Me

Oops! They kissed a girl! So what? Katy Perry was not there XD

'Peace' the all-time favorite hand pose

Standing under the blue sky

Why was he pointing his finger to us, huh? *sweat*

Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining but I'm just praying to God. =)

Oh gosh! I got molested by 3 girls! No, should be 3 pretty girls!

Nobody nobody but you~ I want nobody nobody but you~~

Thanks for the graduation gift! It looks awesome! *Fellxion, May, Avelyn, Jason & Issac, muack!*

Good Job, DSLR Camera! Well done, Semi Pro Camera! Nice Shoot, Digital Camera! *we brought 3 cameras*

After the photography session

The weather was so hot this afternoon. I should say this way, the weather is fucking hot like hell! *oops*  After the photography session, I changed my clothes and then went for lunch with my photography buddies. 

Eaven, smile ^.^

You know....Girls...like to snap photo in the car...

This photo was snapped when the car was still moving on

Oops..i forgot to show you my face expression when I first received the gift!
see the photo below

Surprised + Delighted + Touched (3 In 1)