Friday, February 26, 2010

'S' 'P' 'S' 'S'

'Writing your thesis can make your academic life a nightmare', do you agree with this statement? I know, for most of the undergraduate students, the answer would be YES! Time constrains or lack of understanding is something that make us to give up before writing a good thesis paper. As a final year media student, I always spend a lot of time doing my coursework and it is not just an assignment but mountains of assignment.

For example, multiple camera project needs at least 5 times for training and me as the director in my group, i wish to do it perfectly so that I won't feel guilty to my group-mate. I had experiences of managing and directing in a big group when I was in high school, but somehow, I don't really like the condition in this course, you know, some people are selfish, some people are kiashu, some people like to gossip... ...whatever.

Oops, back to the topic. I woke up at 8 in the morning and went to my campus to have meeting with my supervisor Dr. Mus. When I was walking to his office, I saw he walked from his office to other place. I was thinking 'don't he remember the meeting? Or he is too busy?' Then, he saw me and thus, he turned back and we followed him to his office. *laugh* Just after half an hour, I walked out his room and kept thinking of what he had said to me : "ok, buat macam ini pun boleh. U nak guna crosstabulation pun boleh. Ini hanya latihan ilmiah, maksimum 40 muka surat saje, xpayah buat susah susah".

Now, I am confused. Yesterday, I met a lecturer (Mr. Chang) who is very good in statistic and SPSS. He taught me the basic steps of data analysis with using SPSS software. From the learning, I finally understood the differences between using t-test, one way anova, chi-square and correlation. He told me that it's not suitable to use 'crosstab method' if the sample size is too small. Two different lecturers saying the different things. HUH? *fainted*

While arranging the paper notes that written by Mr. Chang.

To test the differences --> t-test & one way anova.
To test the association --> chi-square & correlation.

Alright, I think I should back to my thesis work. For tomorrow, I still have a discussion with group-mate and then outing to "Dong Zen temple". Woohoo~~~~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What? I'm stressed?

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Yesterday, I had a drink with my friends and noticed that the symptoms I had were very related to stress : dry eyes, eating too much, feeling restless, having emotional outbursts, having memory problems and feeling frustrated at having to wait for something. ARGHHHHHH!!!

Recently, there are lots of things for me to deal with. Mountains of homework, assignment, interview, multiple-camera production training, shooting and editing. 24 hours in a day is not enough for me to get it done all, I wish to have at least 72 hours in a day so that I can sleep for 24 hours and the rest I can do my works. *laughed* That's not possible!

I found some great ways to release stress that you might need this someday.

For me, I like to go out and have a walk because I feel released and fresh when facing the nature. I like to sit alone in the train and think while seeing the scenery at outside that pass through very fast. Every night before sleeping, I would imagine or dream about what I have always wanted to achieve. From the famous book <Secret> I had read, If you keep thinking that you can achieve something, finally you will achieve them in real life. It's explained by 'Law of Attraction'. That's the way for me to manage my stress and I'm really love it. *wink*

People say that internet is another kind of entertainment to relieve stress. But honestly, I don't really agree to that statement. I sit in front of my notebook for almost 9 hours each day. It causes me eye fatigue and muscle pain. Not to make you scare or what, I would like to say that I had floater since last year. Floaters are little "cobweb" that float about in your field of vision. They are small, dark, shadowy shapes that can look like spots or thread-like strands. Coincidentally, one of my friends got this phenomena and the doctor said there's no specific treatment for floaters. In very severe cases, the doctor may consider doing a vitrectomy, in which the vitreous fluid is removed and replaced with an artificial gel. I have not seen any doctor to ask for treatment because I think it's just a small matter. But, I think I should see a doctor one day.

"Remember, stress is like pain. If you don't get it at the beginning and allow it to go on, it is more and more difficult to deal with it and to take appropriate action."

"We need to have flexible ways of dealing with any stress. One way may not work in all situations."

"Untreated stress can cause serious medical illnesses, because your body is constantly in a state of alarm."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Visit to Pn. Lee's House

Yesterday, I received a phone message from my ex-classmate Kit Mun : "Hey, are you free at 3pm tomorrow? We're going to visit Pn. Lee's house, come and join us!" I replied her by saying YES in 5 seconds. In every Chinese New Year, I would go and visit my teachers' house with a bunch of ex-classmates. It is just like a tradition for me to keep in touch with old teachers and old friends. When we first saw the house, the words "oh my god" were come out from each mouth of us, the house is so NICE as a beautiful garden house. SIMPLE and COMFORTABLE - the best two words to describe the environment. As usual, we all asked the common question "how are you" and got back the common answer "fine", funny right? *laughed*

We had a happy talk and I like the almond crunch cookies *yummy*

1st row from the left: Me, Pn. Lee, Kit Mun
2nd row from the left: Peg Gee, Shy Yee, Li Yan

I wore pants She wore skirt;
I look a bit older but She still looks the same.

We always have to say goodbye
[Pn. Lee, we will always miss you!]

Eaven is BACK!

Since November 2009. That's right, in over 90 days. I have been doing and editing my assignments like crazy. Although I am taking 12 credit hours in this semester but the practical works consume most of my time. Another thing that bother me is the final year thesis, my pimples were all come out and said HI to him, sigh. I have not written new article for a long time and I am here to say SORRY. Eaven is back with the new decorated blog! Feel free to leave your comments and any suggestions if you have. Another fresh new year is here, I'm going to move on with my new life! ♥♥