Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at Fraser's Hill

Apart from Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands, there is another place in Malaysia that you could really enjoy the cooling weather. The place is called Fraser's Hill which is popular as a site for company retreats and weekends. The fresh mountain air is cool and invigorating and when dusk falls, the mist that blows in brings back memories of a simple, gentle era. 

This year, my friends and I decided to go there for Christmas celebration. The 3 hours drive up to the place is slow and winding, but the scenic beauty of the surroundings undoubtedly took my mind off the meandering ascent. Before reaching the summit of Fraser's Hill, we had to pass through the gap, a section of the road that is only accessible in one direction at a time.

We stayed at Silverpark Resort which is a tropical cool mountain resort above sea-level in the mountains of Pahang. The accommodation rate is quite cheap as it costs about RM300 for a 3-Bedroom unit for a night and inclusive of breakfast. For more information, kindly click on this link: Fraser's Hill Silverpark Resort

 The police station 1919

 I love this quote!

 The place is surrounded with beautiful flowers

 Frozen strawberry?

The garden-style dining place

This was the moment when the cameraman kept snapping photos

 Ave and Me

 The clock tower

I just couldn't understand why guys must pose like this?

 May, Ave and Me

 Xavier, Ave and Me

 The reason why I didn't eat the chicken wing *overcooked*

 Tong : "Camera! Camera!" *why not Water! Water!*

 Kok Jing was watching something interesting, huh?

 I intentionally took this photo, cute right?

 I said: Guys, please look here and smile!

 Gift exchange is a must!

 Life without alcohol is like a beach without water *so deep, right?*

 Jared the loser! So, he was asked to do this funny pose!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!


xinzaru.blank said...

lol... i see a lot of my pics... XD... refined?

Bell's said...

wow!!! wonderful xmas u had!