Monday, January 17, 2011


Yeah! I got a new SONY MP3!

Someone stepped on the mp3 when it was being charged. This happened when she was rushing for project development and meeting. She didn't mean to spoil it. I know. That's because the person I meant was ME. The old SONY mp3 has been with me for 4 years, no matter in what kind of situation - lonely, helpless, cheerless, depressed, paranoid, unhappy... and etc. 

SONY brand is really good in term of its quality, design, function and lifespan. That's why I didn't mind to pay more for that. Instead of getting counterfeit or unknown mp3 which is cheap but does not last long, I would rather pay more to get a better quality of mp3 which can be used for at least 3 years.

"Great sounding bass rich Walkman® with large jog dial for easy control"

2GB B Series MP3 WALKMAN (Pink)

Dance with your music and follow the beats of the flashing red LEDs on your NWZ-B150F series Walkman® MP3 Player. Press the "ZAP" button on your player to enjoy ZAPPIN™ function, and the "BASS" button for powerful bass enhancement. Enjoy 18 hours of your favourite music with maximum power output.
  • 2GB capacity
  • New “ZAP” button to enjoy ZAPPIN™ Function
  • "BASS" button for powerful bass enhancement
  • Enjoy Power illuminator flashing Red LEDs with music
  • FM Tuner and Voice/FM Recording Function
  • 18 Hours Battery Life (Quick charge : 3 minutes charge 90 minutes play back)
Standard Retail Price:
RM 159.00 *

My comments
  • an ultracompact design (FM tuner & voice recorder)
  • a handy quick charge feature
  • drop and transfer by using Window media player which is very convenient
  • can be used as a thumb drive
  • built-in USB interface
  • great sound quality
  • easy to use