Thursday, June 2, 2011

Newborn Baby Body Found in Sentul

Another dumped baby, this time in Sentul.

The first thing I did in this morning after washing my face was reading newspaper. I felt so angry and disappointed when reading the following news:

The body of a new born baby was found in the parking area near the trash bin at Sentul Utama apartment. According to the police chef, next to the baby was a plastic bag containing the umbilical and placenta. He did not dismiss the possibility of the baby being thrown from a high place based on the serious injuries to the baby's head. Maybe the person wanted to throw the baby into the trash bin but missed the target.

This kind of 'baby dumping' news always been published in the newspaper, as what I see, the causes of baby dumping might be 1) underage pregnancies 2)  However, porn might be the major reason behind baby dumping. 

I still could remember my lecturer told us students this: "If you don't want your baby, please don't ever throw it or kill it, bring it to me and I will give the baby a warm growing environment." 

I have so much thoughts and feelings on this issue. Nowadays, porn is easily accessible and for those underage or naive teens, they just wanted to enjoy the excitement and  they thought it's the social trend. It is not a NO WAY to those couples who are mature enough in thinking as they know the responsibilities. For those teens, please think properly before you act! Please consider carefully about what will be happened in the future, think about the unexpected, take on the responsibility! If you can't get the solution, ask the elder people who can make a rational decision.

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