Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Visit to Pn. Lee's House

Yesterday, I received a phone message from my ex-classmate Kit Mun : "Hey, are you free at 3pm tomorrow? We're going to visit Pn. Lee's house, come and join us!" I replied her by saying YES in 5 seconds. In every Chinese New Year, I would go and visit my teachers' house with a bunch of ex-classmates. It is just like a tradition for me to keep in touch with old teachers and old friends. When we first saw the house, the words "oh my god" were come out from each mouth of us, the house is so NICE as a beautiful garden house. SIMPLE and COMFORTABLE - the best two words to describe the environment. As usual, we all asked the common question "how are you" and got back the common answer "fine", funny right? *laughed*

We had a happy talk and I like the almond crunch cookies *yummy*

1st row from the left: Me, Pn. Lee, Kit Mun
2nd row from the left: Peg Gee, Shy Yee, Li Yan

I wore pants She wore skirt;
I look a bit older but She still looks the same.

We always have to say goodbye
[Pn. Lee, we will always miss you!]

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