Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dim Sum Buffet @ Janbo Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for Chinese authentic cuisine or Hong Kong Dim Sum (buffet style), Janbo Group of Restaurants can be one of your choices. It has few branches but the one i went is located in Cheras. 

My friend Issac Rose brought us to this restaurant after badminton session today. Personally, i think the Janbo's dim sum buffet is quite cheap for RM15.50++ per person.You can eat all you can! But of course, you will get forfeited if you couldn't finish the dim sum. 

 It was a good day today!

 The environment is comfortable if compared to those typical dim sum restaurants but one thing that i dislike is there are people in poor service attitude.

 There are more than 40 items to choose from the menu which includes dim sum either steamed or fried, noodles and porridge.

 Fried Carrot Cakes

 Fried Spring Rolls



 Siu Mai wrapped in dumpling skin

 Steamed Fish Balls

Cha-Siu Pao

Janbo's dim sim is not that spectacular but it surely beats quite a number of dim sum restaurants I have been to. By paying less than RM20, you get to eat all the dim sum you want. Frankly, it is a really good deal!

To find the nearest branch at your place, kindly click the official website:


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