Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wan Cheng's Wedding Dinner @ 18th March 2012

I think I shall go to bed because tomorrow is a working day and I need to wake up early in the morning. But I just couldn't wait to post about the wedding dinner I attended this evening.

This was the first wedding dinner of the year. We started off at 4.30pm and arrived there at about 5pm. Well, it's written there on the invitation card that the dinner will start at 5 o'clock sharp. I should have known this, Malaysian timing is always 1 hour later than in the written. 

It was a very traditional wedding ceremony. For very long time, I never see elders singing oldies on the stage. But today, i had chance to see a few elders singing Chinese oldies and enjoyed themselves. *laugh*

Overall, the food was not as scrumptious as expected. But the thing I enjoyed the most would be the 'high school reunion'. For few friends, i have never saw them for more than 3 years. How excited it was when they came and said HI. 

 A snap before going to wedding dinner =)

 Guess what's inside? It's chocolate!

 First dish: Scallops, baby octopus, pork and vegetables.

Shark Fin Soup *unexpected tasty*

 Deep Fried Prawn

 Mushrooms with broccoli

 From the left: Sook Man, Karen, Wen Sun & Me

Wan Cheng & Me ^.^

"Wishing you the joy and happiness that you both deserve, make sure you kiss everynight before going to bed."

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