Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Perfect Twenty-Five

It was my 25th birthday. My best friends gave me a lot of surprises, ranging from sending mystery gift to my workplace to bringing me out for whole night celebration. Before my birthday, i did told them that just a simple dinner will do, as long as i can spend time with a bunch of very good friends. But this year, i had a blast on my birthday, it was fabulous and impressive! There were so much fun and rock!

On my birthday, May 4th, 3.30pm
Someone carried this gift to marketing department from ground floor. That time, i was discussing something with my manager and then suddenly my colleagues said: 'Peng, you got present!' I was so surprised when i first saw this. *heart melted*

On Saturday, May 5th, 7.30pm
My friends came and fetch me to somewhere without letting me know the exact venue. They wanted to give me surprise! Again! *sweet*

Here we came to Ben's, a very cozy Western restaurant located in Pavilion KL.The menu concentrates on international cuisine, ranging from refreshing appetizers and salads to hearty East and West main courses, delicious snacks and luscious desserts.

 Crispy Soft Shell Crab Tortilla @ RM25.90
(with coriander-lime sauce & 4 colour chips)

 Fisherman's Catch @ RM25.90
(breaded fish fillet, coleslaw, tartar sauce & french fries)

Mushroom Lasagne @ RM25.90
(layers of pasta, sauteed mushrooms, herbs & cheese, baked till golden)

 Char-grilled Seafood Spaghetti @ RM28.90
(with chili flakes & wilted spinach)

Spaghetti Carbonara @ RM23.90
(with beef bacon, mushrooms & cream)

 Chocolate Banana Cake =)

Forever and ever ^.^

Followed by chill out session

When I Thought It Has Come To An End
I was only told to bring normal clothes and towel. So, i was sure that i would overnight at someone's place. I kept asking them where to stay overnight but they refused to let me know, until....

They opened the door...

The Next Day, Another Surprise

That's MINE! *hehe*

We woke up at about 10.30am, so they made brunch for me. I was sitting in the room like VIP, just waiting to EAT. *mouth-watering*

Thank you all so much, love you guys.


hademay said...

birthday might be technically just a day, but is a special day for people who love you to express they love to you^^

<3 you

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

^^ I know, love you too =)