Saturday, June 30, 2012

Han Cook Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Hartamas

I have been looking everywhere to find top rated Korean Restaurant. These days, I am getting more and more addicted to Korean cuisine. I couldn't remember when was the first time I had Korean food, but I can tell you that Korean drama does influence me. You know why? The most sensational part when I watched Korean drama is that i get to see how they introduce their traditional Korean meals to audience. It has left a deep impression on me.

Today, i brought my sisters to a Korean Restaurant called 'Han Cook', which is strongly recommended by one of my colleagues. It was about 6pm when we stepped in the restaurant and there was only us. First thing came across my mind was 'Is the food really nice? Why no one is here'. But when the food was ready on the table, i told my sisters 'It looks delicious'. And when I have tasted it, i told them 'My god, it's really scrumptious!'

We were happy to see more and more side dishes being placed on the table. Well, the main dishes were really very authentic, it's even better than Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant. The side dishes here were not as good as what i had in Bulgogi Korean House (Kota Damansara). 

12 Side Dishes *refillable*

 Soup *please note that this is cold*

 Stir Fried Glass Noodles @ RM28 *highly recommended*

 Dolsot Bibimbap @ RM20

 Egg Roll with Vegetables @ RM25

  Dessert - Mochi Red Bean *Free of Charge*

Dessert - Sweet Rice Soup *Free of Charge*

Overall, the food is delicious, price is reasonable and most importantly, the service is excellent! *thumb up*

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BBQ catering said...

Your dishes are looking enticing in the pictures. Restaurant's inside view is also amazing. I especially like the long sized division, so that anyone can enjoy without any disturbance of others.