Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coffee at Utusan Karya

I just arrived home from Utusan Karya and now I am doing this -- blogging! Efficient right? That's me! Ha! I guess my group is the first to go for company interview among the others, that's because my group-mate might not be free in coming weeks due to the multiple camera training. *sigh*

The day before today, none of us know about the location of this magazine company even though the place is just near by our university. *shy to say that* So, how? GOOGLE MAP! Finally, we were able to reach the place by appointment time and we were well served by the workers there. There was a stunned silence when we saw the foods on the table, what a nice way of showing enthusiastic welcome! As usual, we took many pictures while waiting for the editor to come and later on, I saw he chuckled at the moment he walked in the meeting room, he might have seen something funny -- a bunch of rural people taking pictures like crazy! *roar*

He is the main editor for all twelve magazines ( Wanita, Mastika, Mangga, Hai, Al Islam, iSihat...). According to him, people who are not interested in writing should not work in the printing company because only enthusiast can write good articles all the time. He talked in an excited way about the challenges, managements, staff reunion party, moments when he was in university and many old stories. The conversation was very fun and relax, I gained some knowledge from what he had said. He made me feel something even more strongly and I believe that my decision of not to take master degree is right. As he said, practice is more important then study in the lecture room, experience is always the best teacher.

Encik Badrul Azhar - the Magazine Editor

The editor of PEMIKIR

The heroes of the top magazine -- MASTIKA

A picture before leaving the place

Our acquisition -- 12 magazines for free

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