Saturday, March 20, 2010

eXplosive eRuption

You know...
when people don't understand what you mean..
or still blur even after you have told them..
I can tell you...
It's frustrating!

Everyone also got their own assignments,
I know...
but I still can get all these done by due date..
you know why?
Because I'm willing to sacrifice my sleeping time..
I keep myself silent..
not to let people know I got insomnia...
that happen almost everyday..

I need to rush...
I need to be quick...
I need to keep on thinking...
I need to do more things than others...

Now, I'm like a volcano..
that might have explosive eruption anytime now..
Don't play with me,
or else you get screwed up by my chop kick!
And I mean it!

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