Sunday, April 4, 2010

Get Warm This Winter@Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, a traditional English tea house served a wide variety of English Teas. Its pretty floral wallpaper and table cloths, frilly white window lace, luxurious tea settings creates a homely and inviting atmosphere. Its British concept denotes the cosiness of drinking hot tea in cold winter to warm up ourselves".

Set meals range from RM15.90 to RM19.90. Each set comes with a plate of salad and a pot of black tea. But I had selected a portion of grilled dory fish and a pot of rose green tea. I was a bit of disappointed when I saw the meal was not exactly the same with the one in the menu. *Instead of finger french fries, I prefer the cross trax fries more.*

It's a very nice environment with all those soft musics and the best-suit lighting. It gives people a feeling of comfortable and unrestrained. The creativeness of combining floral teas with coffee build a new route for the coffee lovers to enjoy the distinctive taste of lavender.

After the dinner, I was supposed to go home earlier before 12am. But I know I should have stayed up late tonight when I met up with Karen's high school friends -- a bunch of intellect! I don't really know them but we did chat well after knowing each other. I have always wanted to make new friends and it would be a good chance for me to show my communication skills. *wink*

The second round gathering was in Klang. The first time I came to this "yum cha" restaurant with the name of The Shepherdo. Well, the pricing is reasonable if compared to other restaurants. The birthday boy Vernon opened a bottle of liquor while some of us ordered cocktails like Tequilla Sunrise, Envy, Mojito and so on. We played poke card and for those who lost, they need to drink 1 shot of liquor. But, for those who drive, they didn't have to drink much, their passenger would take the punishment. The birthday boy had taken about 6 shots while I just taken 3 shots only. People asked me : Peng, you put blusher? *laughed*

The third round session was in Club 7, Subang Square. We played pool and fussball. The last round was in mamak, and it was 4am in the morning! Oh! I stayed up late again! I need to put facial mask!!! Once again, I would like to wish my friend "Vernon, Happy Birthday"!

Rose Green Tea @ RM6.50

Grilled Dory Fish @ RM13.90

Ham Potato Bake @ RM15.90

Fettuccine Carbonara @ RM14.90


Fellxion said...

I love the cup!

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

It looks so British, right? =)