Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teen raped orphan in classroom

"Teen raped orphan in classroom"

I have read today's newspaper and I was stunned when I saw this shocking news -- A 14 years old Indian girl was raped by her own classmate in the classroom when during recess time.

Oh my god! What the hell! During recess time? In the classroom? By own classmate?

I always thought that school is a safety place because there are many teachers, students and even guard walking around all over the school. But how come this kind of stupid thing happened?

According to the reporter, the victim, a quiet teenager, did not report the rape to anyone at first. But, after nearly a week, she found the courage to inform a counsellor from her orphanage before lodging a police report on Monday.

Everyday when I flip the newspaper, I could see there must have published the news about rape cases. One thing that victim should do is report to the police as fast as possible and the medical staffs will collect the sperm fluid or any kind of materials on victim's body which is suspicious.

It's sad to hear about that. People are becoming more and more out of control today. My friend told me to buy a pepper spray as a protection to myself and I think I really should get myself a self defense device. To girls, please be alert all the time and don't always walk alone in the dark night because it's very dangerous.

For more information, please read the news article at The Star Online.

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