Sunday, April 18, 2010

May's Cupcakes

Well, I woke up in the afternoon at 12pm and the first thing that I did was not taking my lunch but making cake box. Guess what, one of my best friends May May is going to have her 23th birthday at 20/4/2010 but we plan to give her a pre-celebration today. *wink*

I kept finding wrapping paper and some decorative materials in my study room because it was so hot at outside and I felt so lazy to go out and buy papers. Making decorative stuffs is not a difficult task for me as I have wanted to decorate new things or design something that are unusual. The materials included paper box, wrapping paper, flower wrapping paper, glue, scissors, pen, ruler, stapler and etc.

After an hour plus, I've get the cupcakes box done! Congrats! I should give myself a big clap! Then, I quickly packed up all the stuffs and came to Fellxion's house for making cupcakes. This girl is really talented in baking and yes, she can be a good wife. She mixed up the icing sugar, butter, lime juices and food colouring. There are several ways to frost a cupcake cake, and it depends on the “look” you’re going for.

Jia Jun, Fellxion and I had spent about 2 hours to make the cupcakes : Dust with icing sugar on top of each cupcake, decorated the alphabet letters and frosted with coco powder . Three of us who got many cooking experiences had succeed to make our own-decorated cute cupcakes. *how about a round of applause?*

Butter cupcakes, icing sugar, food colouring and other ingredients

Finally! It was 100% done! We had fun in making these cupcakes

It looks delicious right? It tastes good, no doubt!

25 cupcakes in a own-made square box. I purposely put a plastic cover on top of the box to let people see what's inside. *wink*

Sifu no. 1 -- Jia Jun

Sifu no. 2 -- Eaven Sun

Sifu no. 3 -- Fellxion Weai

Birthday girl (May) showing her face expression when she first received these cupcakes

Yeah. An early dinner at Kim Gary, Pyramid.



Fellxion said...

1 thing....we didn't sing bday song 4 may!!!!

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Oh! Ya! We sing in the Facebook together XD

hade_may said...


Fellxion said...

Sorry May,rush rush n hungry that time + Yip's gf distraction + JeeWa JJ lame joke.