Thursday, April 28, 2011


Human beings live a relatively t long time, at least in comparison to most animal species. So, we really need to ask ourselves the question "what is the right age to start health screening and regular checkups?" 

Young does not mean you are healthy particularly. In today's society, we hear stories about people getting cancer, no matter what age people are. Young adults and adults up to age 30 can get away with checkups every two years, for the most part, except for PAP screening in women and also regular breast self-examination.

Now, i think it's time for me to do medical checkup. For those who are interested, please be informed that there are two on-going promotion for screening test (medical checkup) as per below:

BP Healthcare Group (Lab)

Valid until 30 June 2011. To view larger picture and for more information, please click here:

They are running newspaper advertising campaign in Chinese newspapers which the offer that they advertise is suitable to all community, valid until 8 May 2011. The profile is consisting of 53 tests and it is only RM100! Kindly find he following advertisement insertion dates for your kind reference. For more information please click here:
27 April 2011 (Wed)
Kwong Wah
28 April 2011 (Thu)
Sin Chew
28 April 2011 (Thu)
Guang Ming (Northern Region)

Let's compare the promotion packages and make your decision!

Well, I would choose the RM150 promotion package where Osteoporosis screening test is included.

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Ezzu Raza said...

Hi, may I know the RM 150 test is including Heart Test or not?