Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Thank You Note

Today was my last day at Essence Communications. A very emotional day indeed. Days like this always feel weird and sad. Weird because I'm leaving something that I've come to know so well to venture off into a somehow unknown future; sad because I'm leaving behind a load of memories and mainly because I know I'll be missing the team I spent most of my day with for over 8 months, so much. 

Why did I take this step? Well, I guess, I just felt the time was right to move on, all the omens were right, maybe the stars were in place too or whatever else you believe in.

I'm proud to have served here, and I'm proud of the wonderful work that I've done so far. Only time will tell what kind of impact that is going to have on the life of people. But I'll maintain my hopes up.

Saying good bye to people I've worked with, people I shared my time, sweat and blood with was the hardest thing ever. But it had to be done.

I had a wonderful farewell luncheon with my ex-colleagues at Secret Recipe last Friday. Today, I enjoyed my delicious lunch with them again. Thanks to the HR manager who treated me a slice of green tea cheese cake in the evening just now. 

Thanks for the chocolates, cup cakes and special cards! Thanks once again for the warm hugs from you all and also kisses from my boss! *teardrops in my heart*

I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.  

 Thanks to Lyn for the delicious cup cakes!

 Thanks to Natalie for the chocolates! *I love chocolates*

 A special card from my supervisor, I was so touched especially when I have read this: "Proud to see how you have grown & matured with us and how far you have come in terms of your overall PR skills, social skills & out looking life"

 [Translation] Wish you all the best in the future and may your dream come true! Thanks for your guidance that you have provided to me.



kuan ting said...

Hey eaven, I promise to give u a hug end of the day but i miss it... : (

Anonymous said...

This entry sounds familiar.. Did u get it from somewhere ?