Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Peng Peng!

I wasn't quite sure where to start writing this! However, I just wanted them (those who are listed as per below) to know that I am very grateful and also thankful that I had a great time on my birthday. You guys are so sweet to remember my big day! Thanks for the celebration, special gifts, card and also the dinner tonight! I love the Japanese liquor (CHOYA), which is good for my health and you all know that I really need it!

A special note to:-
Karen who was the successful planner for things A-Z
Kit Mun who sent me the invitation message via mobile phone
Wen Sun who discussed with me on the venue and time
Elaine who cracked a lot of funny jokes & made us laugh non-stop
Sook Man who fetched me with her BMW car
William who gave me surprise when he appeared suddenly
Peg Gee who shared the presents but couldn't attend the celebration

I woke up in the afternoon (Oh! I skipped breakfast again!) and the first thing I did was to turn on my computer and logged in to my Facebook. I kept scrolling down my mouse to read those never-ending birthday wishes from my friends.  *Aww... so sweet*

I was very excited while waiting for the dinner time to come because I just couldn't wait to see my lovely friends. I knew that they are all busy with works but they still spent some time with me on 4th of May. As you know, 6-8pm are peak hours and traffic jam is everywhere, so we decided to have dinner at nearby - Pasta Zanmai @ Subang Empire.

After the meal, Karen asked me to go washroom with her, so I just followed. When I came back to the restaurant, I saw a delectable cake with candles on the table. I was so touched and blessed at the moment although my face expression was not that exaggerated. They sang birthday song to me and followed by wishes, I was like floating on air or in other words, I am ecstatic!

They bought me chocolates and Choya Umeshu - a Japanese liqueur made from steeping ume fruits in alcohol of 15%. It helps to improve the blood circulation, increasing oxygen utilisation, thus increasing brain metabolism. It is also been used as a medicine in the treatment for chronic headaches and for treatment of depression. They knew that I NEED it.

Besides that, I would like to congrats Elaine for getting a diamond ring! What a good news to us! *claps*

 Mini Pizza topped with seaweed and egg

Soup Pasta with lala

Soup Pasta with mushroom

 FREE dessert from the manager who is a friend of Karen

 Delicious Cheese Cake *Happy Birthday to Eaven*

 Wanna have a bite? Satisfaction guaranteed!

When they were singing birthday song to me

Thanks for the cake, card and gifts!

 Elaine & Wen Sun

Kit Mun & Sook Man

(L-R): William, Elaine, Wen Sun, Kit Mun, Sook Man, Karen, Me

 My dear Karen & Me

Wen Sun, Kit Mun & Me

William & Me

Elaine & Me

Sook Man & Me

 Original Umeshu with shiso herb 750ml  
*I'm going to drink this from tomorrow onwards*

"Know what I love about out friendship?' written on the cover and "We always understand each other! Happy Birthday!" written on the card. I really like the card and also the content! 
I hereby to say: PENG ♥ YOU ALL

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone that has sent me a Happy Birthday message via Facebook or SMS.

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