Monday, May 9, 2011

V1 Concept Restaurant & Bar

"Thanks for the never-ending surprises! For the very first time, I came home with a mountain of presents! Thank you, May LingFellxionJia JunIlyAvelyn" said Eaven. 

I was born on 4th of May but if according to Chinese calendar, today is my birthday! I had my second birthday celebration with my old friends yesterday. Spending time with a bunch of good buddies, having meals while listening to wonderful songs, I enjoyed the night with joys and laughs.

On the way going to Puchong

 First birthday present from them - May, Fellxion, Jun, Ily & Avelyn

 I couldn't stop laughing when I received the 2nd.. 3rd..4th present

Ily bought this sexy pajamas from Australia! Let's have a pajamas party!

V1 Concept Restaurant & Bar
The restaurant presented with an i-Pad which runs a special menu app made, and is the first restaurant with i-Pad menu in Malaysia. The special sports car them should be highlighted as well.  

 Let's come and experience using i-Pad to order food

 Chicken Lasagna @ RM14.90 *delicious*

 Udon Mee @ RM14.90 *too oily*

 Honey Lemon Chicken @ RM23.90 *the lemon sauce is the best*

 Fish Sandwich @ RM13.00 *not bad*

 Seafood Pizza @ RM25.90 *it's kind of special*

Mushroom Pasta @ RM20.00 *too buttery but the mushrooms taste good*

 May & Me

 Fellxion & Jia Jun

 Ily & Jia Jun

Jia Jun & May

 Jia Jun & Me

 I love this picture!

Eaven, Happy 24th Birthday!


hademay said...

where is the "love" button for this post?!
happy birthday peng, rmb u r uniquely u, no others are u, n u r no others
fully appreciate ur beauty, u'll shine like a star

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Thank you so much! Thanks for everything, I appreciate it! XD

JaSoN LCE® said...

Hi Eaven... Wish ya Happy Birthday and have a blast! n Nice to meet u here... :)