Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shopping day!

Everyone knows, the Mega Sales has been started and now is the best time to go shopping! 

I had lunch with my friends Karen and Mun at Daorae Korean Restaurant this afternoon. Been there twice and i will go there again next time because I love Korean food! Well, that's not the 'why'. The food there is very authentic that you might not able to find in any other places. When talk about the environment, i would say it is a good place for gathering of 5-6 people as you can sit together and do BBQ.

 Karen - my friend =)

 Small dishes that refillable - not too salty but very appetizing!

 Korean Stone Rice - A MUST order for me. This was the best stone rice i have ever tried.

 Kimchi Jiggae, Haze - a stew with kimchi, tofu, scallop, onion and such.

So, what's next? SHOPPING!!! 

My friend Karen and I bought many cosmetic & skin care products from Etude House as I heard people saying the products are good to use. It's famous in the market, especially for those who love 'Lee Min-Ho' (as displayed below). 

 Look at his skin! *jealous*

Karen and I spent about RM200 for the products respectively. But it's worth to buy during sales period as free gift will be given out if you purchase RM100 and above. I bought loose powder, mascara, aloe soothing gel and cleansing foam. I tried the aloe soothing gel on my face and neck after showering, i found that it dries quickly and leave my skin soft and smooth. *recommended*

Besides that, i also bought a sunglasses for myself. I have always wanted to get one but kept dragging until today, i really have to buy one as my job needs me to travel extensively. Since the sales is going on, why not?

 Armani Exchange Sunglasses *i love it*

Red colour! Karen said: attention seeker always like this type of colour. *I am*

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Yayyy I love shopping.<3(: