Friday, July 1, 2011

Somewhere in Selangor

We are naturally feel better and we are more positive when our batteries are fully charged, don't you think so? Lack of energy and vitality lower its ability to cope with problems and challenges in life, isn't it true?

My battery has been fully charged today. I spent the afternoon rambling with my friend, it's so relaxing and I felt so good.

I sauntered through a natural avenue of trees, looking at a very beautiful lake, the sun bouncing off it surface. The smell and 'ozone', warmth and living. Everything is so peaceful at that moment and I could feel that I was surrounded by positive ions.

Undeniable, natural environment can really boost my positive energy that I need particularly when I am having mood swing.

To stay feeling our best, we should ask ourselves: Who gives us energy? Today onwards, I will protect myself from energy vampires.

It 'WOW' me when my friend made a left turn (while driving) because the scenery was totally blocked by trees before that.

 First time I came here, I was so amazed by the beautiful view.

Dare to swim across the lake? Yes, if I am a Olympic swimmer.

 I will come here very often if it's located nearby my place. I swear!

I could hardly see a coconut tree in the city.

 Like a painting, right?

The reflection in my sunglasses!


hademay said...

we should go der more often^^ is a nice place

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Yep! We all can go together next time, a day trip or what XD