Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nielsen Auditorium Music Test

Nielsen Auditorium Music Test was held at Grand Caymans Ballroom, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa this afternoon. This survey was conducted to measure media audiences or to be precise, radio listeners. 

There were over two hundred people coming for this music test. It was my first time and I felt like I was going to an audition because each of the respondents was given one specific number sticker. I reached there at about 1 o'clock but the music test started at 2 o'clock. As you know, Malaysian timing!!!

It was a relaxing test that I have ever had! It sounds unbelievable, right? Let's me tell you more about it. Imagine that you don't need to bring anything for test as the pen and mineral water will be provided, just go inside the ballroom and have your seat. After a few minutes of briefing, what you need to do is to sit back and listen to 500 English songs (just chorus part). For each of the songs, you will need to circle the answer whether you like it or no. In addition, refreshments will be provided as well. At the end of the test, you will receive a token of RM100 cash as appreciation! You want it?

 Registration started at 1 o'clock but most of the respondents were late for that! *they're just so Malaysian*

 My lucky number -- 234

Respondents from different age categories

Exam phobia

500 questions! If this was a school test, I would definitely say: HELL, NO!!!  

 You see! I still got time to snap picture during the test *laughs*

*lub-dub* I couldn't stop my heart from beating so fast!

RM100 for 2 hours of music test! AWESOME!


Bell's said...

wow!!nice deal boh ! 2hours test for rm100!!!! nextime ask me oso ler XD

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Bell, sure! Next time 'yu mai lei'! LOL

studioukm said...

'Malaysian timing' happens almost everywhere..ermmmm?

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Abg Daud, memang lar! Kalau ada orang ajak u ke party, mula pada pukul 7pm, u pukul 8 baru pergi tau? LOL

Anonymous said...

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Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Thanks for the compliment! Would you please further explain of that? =)

Anonymous said...

Great, i found what i 've been lookin for.