Monday, October 10, 2011

Congrats to Shin & Weai!

Everyone knows that graduations are very important in a person's life. Well, I personally think that a graduation signals a person's first step into the "real world". I hereby writing this post for my very good friends who graduated recently! Congrats to them - Ms Fell & Ms Wong! 

Happy graduation! We are waiting for you to make a significant contribution to the development of our country. After all, we live here! 

They have finally graduated after few years of hard work, sacrifices and perseverance. What about a big clap to them? When I looked at them wearing robes and caps, it reminded me my graduation which was a year ago. However, we should look forward instead of looking backward. 

Let's look at the photos we took yesterday! Yeah!

Meow~ Meow~

Loo Shin & Fellxion

 From the left: Me, Fell, May

 Are we selling comic books?

 80's graduation photographs

Their reactions once they received the present:

 Fell: Hehehe

 Shin: Hmm..Muax muax~

Hope they like the presents: engraved pen & card

"Fell, you have chosen a tough profession. Nevertheless, we believe you are tougher and you'll become an extraordinary professional."

Dear Shin & Fell, 

I don't wish you guys to have an easy life, no! I wish you guys to work hard, to be dedicated and then reap the harvest of your labour! From now on, I wish you to meet only good people and good friends. Have beautiful deeds, great prospects and good luck! 

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