Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Once Upon A Cow - Camilo Cruz

I spent 3 hours to read the whole book and I found it very useful if compared to other motivational books. The author will never say 'change your attitude', ' say no to problems', 'challenge yourself' or whatever words that sound like very nice to hear. Instead of saying nice words, he uses 'kill the cow'. Do you understand it? Read the book and you'll know what does it mean. 

Let's go kill some cows! Filled with stories and parables, this book can motivate you to become what you always wanted to be. A cow is basically just the excuse, the fear, or false belief that is holding you back.
Product Description
In this empowering book, bestselling author and speaker Dr. Camilo Cruz helps readers identify the hidden excuses that hold them back-even the most entrenched ones-and open the door to greater success and fulfillment. Inspired by a brief parable in which a family of farmers learns to thrive without their beloved (yet costly and unproductive) cow, this upbeat book speaks to readers of every age and lifestyle, helping them take ownership of their choices and their lives.

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