Monday, September 6, 2010

Visit To An Orphanage

What do people normally do on Sunday? Shopping? Staying at home? Playing games? I had a very meaningful Sunday. It was my first visit to an Orphanage in my city yesterday.

There were 6 of us (May, Fellxion, Avelyn, Ily, Jun and me). We bought them a big chocolate cake and goody bags (candies) as well. I realized that those orphans are quite happy living together under the same roof as they are provided sufficient facilities and foods. But as you know, orphans have the psychological difficulties especially autism. Some of them were happy but some of them were not. 

Tell you what. There are some rules and regulations in an Orphanage such as no hugging, no asking too much... and etc. I was like 'what!?' when knowing this type of strict rules because I think we should show them our cares and loves. Of course, I would not ask about their family background because it might hurt the orphans. And yes, the caregivers should let us know about this rules at first because this is their responsibility.

May, you should do research on the place we would like to go next time. Since the orphanage we went are not in lack of anything, I think we can rather spend our money and time on those orphans who really need our help. Right? *wink*


hade_may said...

u guys also can do research mah, not necessary me d one who organize, plus d website show no photos of it so i reli couldn't how d living condition is, same goes to all d rest of d orphanage.
keep tis activity going on ba

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

I though you visited the website and know the details already. =p

hade_may said...

i did visit the website n know d detail tat is written der! i done d research adi, d missing info i can't cover
website is not tat reliable, can't even know wat date it is written

ok la i sux

Bell's said...

i've been to the one near kajang area (but forgot what's the name already)
but i think it's not orphanage, but 智障儿童院, beside the house there's another 老人院, they are lack of everything...

xinzaru.blank said...

long time didn't check out your blog d.... just noticed here got one error... autism is not a psychological condition. Its physiological as it has got to do with brain dysfunction as well as lack of secretion for growth + lack of nutrients and not forgetting genetically related. I believe it should be depression should be the proper word... haha.... just dropping by just to make sure my friends don't put the wrong thing.