Sunday, October 10, 2010

Her Convocation

I had a very good day with my high school friends yesterday. Making fun along the journey; teasing around; we laughed when someone cracked a joke; sharing our stories -- All these were the happy moments when being together with them. We are caring and concerned for each other because we make each other so happy and we love to be together with each other. 

I went to local university for my high school friend's convocation yesterday. Oh my god, UPM is so big and you might get lost in the place. For your knowledge, UPM is the biggest university in Malaysia.

I came to this place yesterday -- University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Congratulations!!! Tham Kam Pei!

 From the left: Me, Karen, Kam Pei, Amanda, Kit Mun and 2 other friends.

 "When you leave here, don't forget why you came" -- for the graduate!

I said : Hey, look at the picture, I saw orange, green apple, strawberry, banana & blackcurrant!
Peggy said: I saw Power Rangers! *laugh out loud*

We bought her Sheaffer pen with name engraved, she would have loved it!

Spotted! It doesn't relate to the story. Haha!

Before we left the place, she hugged and kissed each of us as she's so touched of our attendance. Where did we go after that? Going back home? Of course a NO! We went to the famous steamboat buffet style restaurant in Serdang -- Hai Tang Restaurant. What so special of this restaurant? Find it out in the picture below:

BBQ! The attractiveness of the restaurant! But for me, it's usual as I could find many other better steamboat buffet style restaurant in Bandar Sunway. Am I right, to those who live in Bandar Sunway?

Tom Yam Soup & Chicken Soup

I was busy snapping pictures while they were busy eating. 
p/s: Karen, you are so cute! 

Before sharing my own opinion, let's read their comments first:

Kit Mun : Why people say this restaurant is special? Personally, I don't think so.
Karen : The most delectable would be the Chinese tea, the rest are so-so. 
Peggy : We should eat more as we paid it for RM25++ per person! It's slightly expensive. 
Amanda : The BBQ stingray is not fresh. It got the smell. But the BBQ squids are tasty.

Well, I would say that the foods are not as delicious as the foods in Sunway's steamboat restaurant. The only thing I like would be the ice-cream while the rest are neither very good nor very bad. The place is so HOT! FOUL! I kept sweating man! 

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