Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul The Psychic Octopus dies

Paul the Octopus, who had a 100% success rate picking World Cup soccer games, has passed away.

He picked teams by selecting an object from one of two boxes that had each country's flag decorated on the front.
"His success made him almost a bigger story than the World Cup itself," said Stefan Porwoll of the Oberhausen Sea Life Center in Germany. 

Paul's body is now in cold storage while the aquarium decides "how best to mark his passing."

However, Paul's fans need not despair. The aquarium has already been grooming a successor, to be named Paul like his mentor.

"We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine," said Porwoll.

"While this may seem a curious thing to do for a sea creature, Paul achieved such popularity during his short life that it may be deemed the most appropriate course of action."

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