Saturday, October 2, 2010

Neway Karaoke, Subang Jaya SS15

"Hey, wanna go dim sum tomorrow morning?" received this phone message from Vernon yesterday night.

"Hey, wanna go for singing tomorrow noon?" I replied him this message without answering his question.

I went to the Neway Karaoke with Vernon, Keng Yew, Kelvin and his girlfriend Christine this afternoon, from 12pm until 3pm. *someone FFK us*

We picked the lunch hour session as the package is much more better than happy hour session. RM16 ++ for each person, inclusive of one set lunch, one beverage and semi-buffet. There were many food choices we can choose at the semi-buffet such as porridge, tom yam noodles, chicken soup noodles, oriental soup, western soup, cakes, fruits and salad. Personally, I would prefer the food in Neway Karaoke rather than in Redbox Karaoke. 

Keng Yew and Vernon are really 'cute', both of them kept modifying the song lyrics and sing like a girl. They wanted to dance with the song 'Nobody' from Wonder Girls but ended up with nothing when I told them: I'm going to record every single action of you guys! 

Set lunch


 Broccoli Soup

From the left: Vernon, Keng Yew was singing Fish Leong's song 


 Usual pose

Eaven & Christine


Vernon said...

LoL, total change topic from my first msg.
Haha, if i dance and u record it, then i have total 'no face' to see ppl ady. =p

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

You might be getting famous on FB! LOL