Friday, May 14, 2010

Kit Mun's Birthday

It was almost 8 o'clock in the evening when I reached home. The first thing came into my mind was 'news report'! I went to a press conference about ISM (Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad) this afternoon and I had to submit the news report to my supervisor by 10pm. It's not easy to be a reporter but I like challenging job because it gives me the sense of fulfillment.

Thanks God! I could finish it by 9pm! Then? I took a hot shower and get myself prepared for attending my friend's birthday celebration at 10pm. Here I came to Little Bally, SS15 Subang Jaya.

Honestly, I would like to say that Little Bally is much more better than Station 1. The nature-based environment, nice foods and beverages, nice songs and good services are making this a great place to gather with friends. *thumb up*

 I ordered a set dinner (Mango Fish Fillet + Iced Lemon Tea @ RM8.90)
It tastes like Thai fillet with a bit of spicy.

Thanks to Karen & Wen Sun who got this creative idea. 
Different flavors of cake for different types of us.

(From the left) Kit Mun, Me & Brandon

Karen & Me                                             Wen Sun & Me

Form 6 small gathering

(From the left) Karen -Wen Sun - Sook Man - Me - Brandon - Vernon - Kit Mun

Happy 14th Birthday to Kit Mun! Have a blast!
(She was trying to pull the candle out from the cake but failed. Haha!)


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