Monday, May 31, 2010

Season House @ Agricultural Park

Last Friday, I went to Agricultural Park (Bukit Cahaya) with a bunch of friends. There are so many things to see and do here that you need more than a day to do it justice. 

The best way to see what this huge Agricultural Park has to offer is by bicycle, which can be rented here. Cycling up and down the hills, passing through beautiful lakes that decorate the Park is an exhilarating experience itself.

But too bad, the day I went was a public holiday and all the bicycles had been rented out when I reached there. 

 Jogging with friends

 Role Play? (Jun as the agent, Me as the artists, May as the fans) 

 Season House

Fellxion's hands on ME *oops*
Cute guys

Spring Season

Favourite pose

From the left (Jee Wa, Eaven, May, Fellxion, Yi Heng)



Eaven *wink*

(p/s: Thanks for the uploaded pictures!)

8am - 5pm (Tuesday - Sunday) The park is closed every Monday except public and school holidays. For more information, please call +603-5510 6922/5510 7048.

Entrance fees are RM3 (adult) and RM1 (for child up to age 12).
Additional fees to enter the Four Seasons Temperate Garden are RM3 (adult) and RM1 (for child up to age 12).  The Four Seasons Temperate Garden is normally closed for a few weeks after each season change, so give the Park a call to find out if it is open before you go.

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