Monday, May 17, 2010

Seafood @ Kuala Selangor

My first day in the new department (Business Development Department) was awesome! I'm glad to have chance to follow up an event with the department manager. Well, there were only two people in the office this morning while other colleagues had gone for outstation. After dealing with some trivial stuff, my manager came and asked me : I'll be going out for a meeting and wouldn't come back again, you remember to switch off the lights before going back. Or you want to come along with me? I can fetch you back later.

Instinctively, I said YES! (Why not? I will never miss any chances to learn new things). Together with another marketing executive, three of us came to this small town located in Selangor -- Sekinchan. After driving for about an hour we reached Sekinchan, just after Kuala Selangor towards Teluk Intan. Sekinchan is known as the ricebowl of Malaysia with a lot of paddy fields and some pretty interesting fishing villages.*attracted* 

After ah hour meeting with the clients, we headed off to Kuala Selangor. We discussed about the coming events included the sponsorship, assurance, publicity and other related things. It was almost 6pm when the discussion ended. My manager suggested to have dinner at one of the seafood restaurants as the seafood is fresh and delicious. Thanks to my manager for treating me lunch and also dinner, I had seafood for my lunch and dinner. *yummy*

Headed back home after dinner, reached home about 8pm exhausted!

Beautiful paddy filed in front of my eyes

A typical view of the village in Sekinchan

Road to nowhere

River View Seafood Restaurant @ Kuala Selangor

Crunchy Fried Oyster is one of my favorite food

The signature dish -- Seafood Porridge


Madonna said...

GOsh....i miss tt porridge (with d big crab), d mihun n tt fried oyster so much! U make me miss kuala selangor!

Madonna said...

Oh by d way,suetnie here...tis is my collegue's comp,tt's y d name is madonna...hahaha

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

I was thinking who is Madonna? Oh, Suet Nie! Girl, how's your intern in rtm? what have you been doing lately?

I tell you, I miss Kuala Selangor just right after I came back home that day! The seafood there is totally better than in Subang!!!