Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss Beauty Queen Malaysia

Have you ever heard of any Miss Beauty competition that allow the contestants to wear head scarf? Or have you ever seen any Muslim contestant in beauty competition? No right?

MBQ World creates a unique event by organizing various beauty pageants such as Mr. Model Malaysia, Miss Beauty Queen Malaysia, Mrs. Beauty Malaysia and the company will promote the winner to be the charity activity ambassadors.

This year, the company is organizing "Miss Beauty Queen Malaysia 2010" and the finale will be held on 23th of May. According to the president Miss Molly, this is a very special beauty competition that gives equal opportunities to all candidates regardless of race and religious. No swimming suit or any sexy clothes for them.

14 pageants were selected in the previous auditions and each of them represented all the 14 states in Malaysia: Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The winner will get RM10 thousand of cash, full wardrobe and LE Vain jewel sponsored by USA. 

I went to the press conference in Grand Hotel, KL, today. As usual, foods and beverages were provided for all the media and also the free gift. I saw the contestants and noticed that there was only a pretty girl and the rest is okay. As what the president had said : "We're looking for inner beauty, pleasant personality, manner and must have passion to help the society". *wink*

The invitation card (23th of May, 2010 @ Seri Endon, Puspanitapuri)

As usual, the media will be given a free gift.

Free Gift: Ballpoint Pen


nithya said...

erhmmm, who is the pretty gal?malay, indian or chinese?

Anonymous said...

indian..from pahang