Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks for the compliment!

What a lucky day

Well, I'm feeling so excited and happy right now! It is 1 o'clock in the morning but something has made me sleepless tonight.

The lucky day story is like this: I went in to the office at 10am but only few people were in the office. After a short while, the Nanyang deputy managing editor came and talked to me (normal chatting). He asked me about which university I from, what I like to do the most and which career path will I choose after the internship program.

I told him everything that I sent my resume to 8tv and Astro company but they replied me late, I got the offer letter from Nanyang just after the next day I had sent. My lecturer didn't allow us to change once we got any offer letter. I said that I like to talk, to meet new people, to organize events and  to have flexible timetable. He said he would help me to ask about it whether can change to business development department (event/promotion) or not.

I was a bit of shock that he has shown concern for me, especially when he mentioned the word "I give you the priority". *laughed* After an hour, he came and told me that I've successfully been transferred to that department. He sent them an email by saying that I'm outgoing, proactive and very good in treating people..... Once again, I was shocked! Thanks for the compliment! I'll improve myself more and be my best! 

2 weeks were gone, I had fun in editorial department. Although I don't like news writing, but I get along well with colleagues. A sweet memory that I will never forget Thanks God! Thanks everyone for treating me so well! *touched*

This is the email message
(I can 'fly' up high after reading all the compliments!)

Go Go Go, Eaven!

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