Monday, May 3, 2010

New Permanent LCCT

Unexpectedly, my first day of internship was fun and I've learned some new things. 

I woke up at 8.30 in the morning and get myself prepared by 9.15am. Luckily the road was not that jam and I could reach at the place by 9.40am. The first impression when I walked in to the company was 'cool and quiet'. 

I reported myself at 10am and the HR stuff brought me to the editing department. Well, I saw many tables but just a few workers. My supervisor told me that reporter needs to go outside and interview people for almost everyday and the news article must be submitted by 4pm to be checked again. 

"Lee Peng, you go and follow Xiao Hui to LCCT", by my supervisor.  Okay, it's surprisingly that he assigned me to news reporting work because it's just the first day. The press conference started at 12.30pm and it finished at 2pm. The lunch was provided for all the reporters. *wink*

It was almost 4pm when I came back to Nanyang. My supervisor taught me on how to write a news article by using 'inverted pyramid' method and how to submit the completed article to Anyway, I've learned something new and I believe that I'll enjoy my work as I like to meet new people and the working environment is not boring. *laugh*

Press Conference: The New Permanent Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (PLCCT) is under construction

Under the agreement, Malaysia Airport Holdings bhd (MAHB) has agreed to incorporate several of AirAsia's proposal in the design and construction of the new Permanent Low-Cost Carrier Terminal at KLIA. MAHB has also agreed to upgrade and improve several of the facilities at the current LCCT. 

1) Parking bays for 76 aircraft.
2) HQ next to the terminal building.
3) Support zone for AirAsia's Engineering, Cargo and In-flight complexes.
4) Semi-automated baggage handling system incorporating AirAsia's inputs.
5) Check-in counter design and allocation as requested by AirAsia.

The CEO of AirAsia, Dato' Tony Fernandes said, "We can form a powerful alliance between AirAsia and MAHB that can help establish KLIA as THE LCC hub for Asia, with routes and connectivity that nobody imagines possble."


Fellxion said...

U certainly got a good intern company!

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Yeah! Mt supervisor will only tell me what to do everyday when I come to work. Everyday also got surprise! Haha! Even they didn't give allowance but it doesn't matter as long as I can learn new things. Now, I'm fb-ing in the office, my supervisor asked me to relax 1st, later only attend a press conference at KL XD

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