Saturday, May 1, 2010

Memory Lane

A lot of thoughts flashed though my mind today. A sudden, very clear, strong memory of something that happened in the past that is so real I feel that I was living through the experiences again. Especially the photos bring back lots of good memories.

National Service (2004)
I could still remember the moment when I first received the offer letter from National Service. Among all the  40 students in my previous 5 SC 2 class, only a few students were selected to go for National Service and I was the 'lucky' one! Oh my god! The first thing came to my mind was : I don't want! I don't want! I really don't want! Why me??? But I had a very good experience in the camp as I have learned a lot of things like how to cope with difficulties and people. The last day of training, everyone in the camp cried and hugged each other. Imagine that 3 months of living together, we had meal together, we taken bath together, we did exercises together, we laughed together and we did many things together. Trust me, you will definitely have the same feeling as me : A big family! Warm!

30 signatures on the clothes (Uniform)

When I read the words again and again, I feel like crying.

Signatures from all the 30 roomates : Malay, Chinese & Indian

First Year in UKM
The most memorable occasion - The orientation week! The time when seniors 'torture' the new juniors! I joined many activities in the first year as swimming club, basketball match, Korean language class, stage performance, creative workshop competition, mid autumn festival, faculty night, college night and etc. Undeniable, I really enjoyed the process of gaining these knowledge and skills.

 We were 'forced' to wear 'blue' Baju Kurung XD

Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub - The basketball team!

The last day of my English class

Faculty night 2007 @ Grand Pacific Hotel

Second Year in UKM
In the second year, I started to join less activities because I was almost 'squashed' by uncountable assignments. Oh please! Give me a break! But when come the weekend, I would still hang out with my lovely uni-mate and course-mate. I can tell you that it's fun to have a bunch of friends playing together. 

She is my room-mate for 3 years

During the group discussion

All the gossip girls

Final Year in UKM
When people ask me: How do you feel in this final year? Seriously, I never thought of that because my mind  kept thinking about assignments! I spent a lot of time for multiple camera production, camera training, documentary shooting, radio broadcasting, newspaper publishing, mention night, thesis and etc. This is the most tough year but of course I had gone through the ups and downs in my campus life. Three words, I never regretted! I will surely miss my friends.

One of the assignment : Company interview

Buka Puasa with the malays

My group of MCP (the lecturers, talents and crew)

The crew - Radio Broadcasting UKM

 Mass communication students : We Rock!!!

"Time goes by fast, and people go in and out of my life so quickly, so I should never miss the opportunity to tell the people how much they mean to me."

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