Saturday, August 28, 2010

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

Message received from Avelyn (25/8/10): "Hey girls! MOS tomorrow? I'm really feel like going, don't ffk me!

Message received from May (26/8/10): "Peng, are you going with us tonight?"

To go or not to go? I kept asking myself because I have had rejected them for so many times. I've been implementing the 'Quit Clubbing' plan for more than a year as I don't like to stay up late. But occasionally, I would go. Just dance? Perhaps. 

Look at the pictures above! "I AM READY TO CLUB"

The girls were surrounded every direction. Don't you see that?

         I was holding a glass of liquor *tastes good*       How to seduce a guy? Look at Avelyn!

                  Fellxion *Sexy Yoga Girl*                  May with her Louis Vuitton bag *original*

Avelyn was the most 'colorful' girl among us!

 As what Fellxion said, I'll not quit clubbing as long as she's still breathing! 

I'm proud to have 3 HP (hot & pretty) girls with me!

There's a million else burning brightly just like fire fight! We the flashing lights!

Did us  make you stop and stare? 

We're rocking! We're rolling! I know it! You know it!

Paparazzi trying to make me pose *xoxo Eaven*


Hazli Bojili said...

so fun la you guys...but i never liked clubbing..pening...XD

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Hazli, you don't like the environment in club is it? Or you just enjoy drinking? LOL