Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Interview Session

I'm so tired! But I'm still blogging at home now *laughed*

I went for the final interview today. It could actually be considered as orientation day which mean the trainer will bring their trainee out for observation and practice. 

I was so surprised when my trainer Vivian told me this: "Eaven, do you know how many candidates came for the interview last Friday which in the same day with you? There were 20 candidates and only 5 were selected to go for the final interview. You are so lucky because you got selected by the manager."

Before going out for observation, Vivian and another trainer who called Calvin brought me to a Chinese restaurant for breakfast. It's so fun to have chatting with them as they are very friendly and outspoken. They asked me some questions and I was able to answer them well which made them feel surprised too. I'm really glad that I got working experiences during my study because I've learned many things.

Calvin got a little bit of shock when I said I come from Chinese primary school as he thought I'm English educated person who know to speak Chinese. When I asked him the reason, he said: "From the way you speak, the way you dress up yourself and everything, you don't look like a typical Chinese." I think it's because of I stay in Subang which is a city place. 

After an hour of walking, we took a rest in a restaurant. Before this, she asked me: "Do you want to have a rest?" I said: "It's okay. I can rest later." She said: "Wow! You are the most aggressive trainee that I've ever seen." Of course I'm happy to hear about that. *wink*

When we get back to the company, it was almost 6.30pm. After the observation session, I was given a test paper which I have to answer all the 8 subjective questions. Vivian viewed my certificate book when I was writing the answer and she kept saying that I'm so intelligent and got the good balance in both of the academic and involvement in activities. Then, Calvin came and sat beside me with a album on his hand. He displayed the pictures and told me how much of fun they had in the company. *sweet*

Finally, I went in to the manager's office for final interview. Oh! The manager laughed and said that I've been praised by Vivian. Thanks for the compliments!

But one thing is I'm still not that believe to the company because when I asked about annual leave/ bonus, they didn't really tell me but kept talking about the salary is mostly based on the performance. In other words, sales. They said got no sales target but I think it's just a excuse for them to recruit more sales people to work for the company. I'm thinking and thinking now... ...


Karen said...

Well done Dear!!!!:)
Proud for you and wish ya all da best...^^

Bell's said...

and i believe you can !! glad to hear that ! so now which company u work with ? congrats for the company who had u !

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Karen & Bell, I know but I'm thinking of something quite serious now. It might be a sales company because I'm still not that believe to the company.