Monday, August 16, 2010

My Grandmother, Happy Birthday!

I just came back from my grandparents' house and now i am blogging about what I've done there. Oh, I'm getting more and more addicted to blog.♥♥

According to Chinese calender, today should be Chinese Valentine's Day. But today is my grandmother's birthday as well. My sister and I did some greeting cards, bought her Brand's chicken essence and green tea cake for her. Of course, we made 'longevity noodles' for her too! I could see from her face, the feeling of exultant, ecstatic and pleased! 

My cousin sisters & brothers

Handsome Joe with the 'peace' hand pose *kawaiine*

'Fingers' pointed toward the red team *MU fans* XD

Ivy Sun with her lovely teddy bears

Naughty Ivy hit my ass when I pose 'rabbits' on her *laughed*

My younger sister Chloe & my cousin sister Evon

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