Monday, August 16, 2010

Putrajaya Millennium Monument

"Take as much photos as you can of your friends and family because they are just as proud of your achievement as you are", I told myself. On my graduation day, I took many photos with my family and classmates because I might not be seeing them in the future. The day before my graduation day, I took family and personal portraits in a professional photo studio. Guess what? It's a tradition in my own family as my elder sister did that too.

Last year, I had always wanted to take graduation photo with my good buddies. For me, I think that's a way of showing my love to them as I take it quite serious. *laughed* Finally, my dream fulfilled today! I had a great day with my hometown friends in Putrajaya, an "Intelligent Garden City and the federal administrative capital of Malaysia.

Putrajaya Lake View

Millennium Monument which looks like a rocket or missile is one of the main attractions of Putrajaya.

Built in the shape of the national flower- the hibiscus, it is 68 meters tall and is located in the Precinct 2 park.

From the left: Fellxion, Me, Avelyn & May (the only guy was Jason)

Wow! I love the scenery! And my crazy friends as well *wink*

 Fellxion and Me

Avelyn & Me

"Let me take a photo with your certificate, I treat you meal later"
"Cannot! No way! Give it back to me..."

 Jason (JiaJun) & Me

Oops! They kissed a girl! So what? Katy Perry was not there XD

'Peace' the all-time favorite hand pose

Standing under the blue sky

Why was he pointing his finger to us, huh? *sweat*

Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining but I'm just praying to God. =)

Oh gosh! I got molested by 3 girls! No, should be 3 pretty girls!

Nobody nobody but you~ I want nobody nobody but you~~

Thanks for the graduation gift! It looks awesome! *Fellxion, May, Avelyn, Jason & Issac, muack!*

Good Job, DSLR Camera! Well done, Semi Pro Camera! Nice Shoot, Digital Camera! *we brought 3 cameras*

After the photography session

The weather was so hot this afternoon. I should say this way, the weather is fucking hot like hell! *oops*  After the photography session, I changed my clothes and then went for lunch with my photography buddies. 

Eaven, smile ^.^

You to snap photo in the car...

This photo was snapped when the car was still moving on

Oops..i forgot to show you my face expression when I first received the gift!
see the photo below

Surprised + Delighted + Touched (3 In 1)


hade_may said...

d photos very nice leh
all of us so lively!
n d photos from d canon camera is reli gud!

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Ya! 5 people going with 3 cameras! Good Job, DSLR! Well done, Semi Pro! Nice shoot, Nikon! XD