Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Interview for a Full Time Job

What have I been doing? Recently, I have been looking for a full time job by searching on internet and newspaper as well. I applied for few jobs in last two days and surprisingly I got several calls from different companies yesterday. 

It was my first time of going to a proper interview. The appointment was made at 1.30 pm but I arrived there half an hour earlier as I don't like to be late. After calling the admin for several times, I managed to find the company which is located in Bangsar. 

When I stepped in to the office, I saw three people were sitting there. First come first serve, so I was the last candidate. Oh! It's so suffering to wait at the outside as I saw the candidates went in one by one. It made me feel nervous and scared. *laughed* 

I went in the room at 3.30pm and came out at 4.15pm which mean the interview session took about 45 minutes. *wow* I didn't look at the watch when the interview session was going on because I had a good chat with the branch manager. When I first saw him, I was thinking how old is he actually because he looks young and friendly. 

From the conversation, he told me that the company is a Singapore based company which has many branches in Malaysia and Singapore. It's an Event & Management Company which the employees will have the opportunity to travel oversea. There's something which made me feel delighted and pleased:

Situation 1
Manager: Do you read the Star newspaper frequently?
Me        : No. My dad always buy Chinese newspaper.
Manager: Oh? You're Chinese educated? (with a little bit of shock)

Situation 2
Manager: If you are assigned to travel to Singapore, you'll get paid by Sing dollars. Have you been there?
Me        : Never been there but I wish to travel oversea.
Manager: Oh, really? It seems like that you travel a lot, exposed to many things, and talkative.

Situation 3
Me       : Would there be any opportunity for advancement?
Manager: You know what? 
                I'm really like you asking me this kind of question because only little people would ask bout it. 
                I can see that you are very ambitious and you got vision. 

Situation 4
Manager: So, can you come for a briefing and final interview on Monday?
Me        : Sorry, I got an appointment with my lecturer. Can we make it on Tuesday?
Manager: Okay. So, see you on Tuesday. Nice to talk to you. 

Actually, I really got an appointment but not with my lecture. I'm going for another interview in Bukit Jalil this coming Monday. So, I'll compared the salary and overall benefits, then only I pick the one I want. For backup plan, I do have another interview in Damansara Utama this coming Thursday. *wink*


studioukm said...

When you meet the interviwers next Tuesday...this might be the script...

The interviewer: coincidence I red your blog yesterday...anything you like to say....??

You: Ermmm...aaaa...ermmm....

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Abang Daud, dia tak ada FB saya, lagipun, kalau dia nampak, dia tahu i ada banyak offer mah XD

hade_may said...

great thing!
choose wisely^^
good luck n jia you peng!!

Bell's said...

yoh !!
good luck !!

aiwei said...

Good luck. You seem to have a good chance of getting the job!!