Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nippon Yataimura (日本屋合村)

Last 3 days, I was working as a trialing specialist (MILO) in Fitness First Platinum, Empire. It was so tiring and I would describe my condition with only one word: exhausted! That's why I was reluctant to wake up early this morning. I kept telling myself: shopping! shopping! shopping! You must wake up early today! *laughed*

First time coming to this Japanese Foods Restaurant -- Nippon Yataimura. Surprisingly, the pricing is reasonable and almost the same with Sushi King. Nippon Yataimura is supposedly famous for ramen, so if you like to eat ramen, you should have a try on it.

Japanese small village concept

*spotted* soy sauce

Gekikara Ramen @ RM17 *delectable*             Ebi Don @ RM15 *not very impressing*

Han Chan Set @ RM19.8 *full set*          Chicken Teriyaki Bento @ RM17.80

My new made friend -- Priya *she's Chinese educated*

My new shoes *VISS*

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