Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've Registered to Wear Braces

"I want to wear braces! I want to wear braces!" I've been craving for this since last 10 years. Yesterday, I got my dream come true. *wink*

My younger sister and I followed my aunt to Dentistry of University Malaysia yesterday. She brought her 14 years old son to do the treatment. Aunt told me that the braces cost is a lot cheaper than private dental clinic, the total cost is about RM1500 only! But one thing is, you need to wait for perhaps 3months - 1year. It's okay for me as long as I look pretty before getting married. *laughed*

My younger sister paid RM5 for the registration but I didn't need to pay that because I'm local university student. After that, we waited for the dental check-up. My sister came out so fast but I spent about an hour for the check-up and x-ray as my wisdom tooth come out already. I might need to take out 2/3 wisdom tooth before putting the braces. Oh my god! I'm scared of doing minor surgery because it causes so much painful after the surgery.

According to the dentist, I will need to wait for their call to have further treatments. So, what I need to do now is just waiting. =)


Fellxion said...

Ur sis not uum meh?
Anyway,congratz for the decision!
But my fren told me he waited for 5 years...@.@

aiwei said...

I want to wear braces too *envy* I cant smile with my teeth so ugly.

One day I am going to get it I swear. Get ugly first then evolve into a awesome looking lady with pretty smile *think too much*