Monday, June 7, 2010

Not A Random Thought 剖白







hade_may said...

是我吗?? sry 4 d second guessing cos there's 2 psychology student bside ya:P

actually mayb we reli ned a room to talk, a place tat we can feel safer..last time my house use to b d place but gone..
tat's kinda y i desperately want to get out fm my degree n find a new house..
time flows, experience make things change...situation change...we change too...actually if we found out thing doesn't change when we look back in 10yrs time, is gonna b devastating too...but bear in mind, we can change to b better.

trust and faith is a belief...也是一种坚持。 Plp r diff n i dun expect plp to think d same...but friendship is something tat i choose to b stubborn of. 如果有丝毫一点痛的感觉的话,那证明我会有坚持的理由。。。

find someday we talk ba:) i'm very looking forward about it

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

Environment won't change, human is the one who keep on changing. We shouldn't blame the situation. For me, friend is not the only cause that 'pull me down'. Family love is essential for me and I'll definitely feel upset when they hurt me. I am not a liar so I admitted that I never be the same. I don't need a talk, just let it go. Look forward, do not look back. =)

我并没有徘徊在犹豫和坚持之间,因为我选择了凡事尽量看开点,以前无论发生什么事都当上了一堂课,把不好的丢掉,好的留下。我并不是不会想的人,别人说的话,我会去思考可观性,就算我外表开朗,可是我会去感觉的。我是个心思细腻的女孩,有时候,一个不起眼的小动作也足以让我感动,难以忘怀。我其实已经很满足我有一群能够玩乐的朋友,只是我还是会继续我的寻心灵伙伴的旅程。我想探讨得更多~ ^.^

hade_may said...

你是个心思细腻的女孩,there's no doubt of that:) U see things that other people don't, that sometimes can be something hard to bare also

just to let you know, is your choice whether to pick up the phone, but i will always be there, that is a promise that i intend to keep for a very very long time, till my last breathe:) i let you take that power

thru experience, i completely understand that family can be a pain in the ass, or more correctly said is pain in the heart, and more than often they don't know the power they have over us is so great, i think that's what happen when we care about someone that much.
Having people that we care about so much, and having people that care about us that much too, some say that is happiness, and maybe if we truly can believe that, we can be happier
kinda sux that most of us are pretty ambitious, sensitive, and have very high potential in achieving something great, and all this does not really connect closely with the the word happy

bless you in your journey, is just a matter of time that you found one when you already clear on what you are looking for
Life shouldn't go on without a exploration, we all have path that we need to go on to:)
i luv ya, n when u need any help u can reach out to me la