Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pizzeria Bella Italia @ SS12

Yesterday was a good day to have sport activity. I planned to play 'futsal' with some lame friends (Yes! I love my lame friends!) but ended up with badminton. What to do? People suddenly said couldn't make it. Never mind, people like us always come out with many alternative ideas. So, we changed our plan to playing badminton and jogging. 

After doing two hours of exercise, the first thing flashed through my mind was FOOD! As usual, we went to take shower at Fellxion's house and then head off to have dinner. We took a tour in SS15 and SS16 to search for restaurant which we have never been. 10 minutes gone... 15 minutes gone... 20 minutes gone... Finally, we were able to find a elegant dining in SS12. It was a Italian restaurant which the content of the menu were all in Italian language (although it's still got alphabets, but it's hard to pronounce it in English). 

Have you heard of this restaurant -- Pizzeria Bella Italia

There were four of us (Fellxion, May, Jun and Me). Zoo family ♥♥
Recently, Fellxion is crazily in love with SALAD. Wherever she goes for dinner, she would look for salad (diet menu). Haha! I shouldn't laugh at her. *oops* May and Jun ordered lasagna but in different ingredients, one was chicken lasagna and another one was beef lasagna. According to them, the beef  flavor slightly tasty than the chicken flavor. I ordered my favourite western food -- carbonara! *slurp*

It's quite unique the decorations and the foods. There are many choices for us to choose: Pizza, Appetizer, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Steak, Salad, Rice but limited beverages. Affordable prices, comfortable environment, good service and delicious cuisine -- Give it a try. Why not?

The counter

Olive Oil Varities

Insalata Alla Bella Italia @ RM13.80
(appetizer: cabbages, tomato, cheese, salmon, olive)

Tagliatella Alla Pollo @ RM17.80
(chicken, mushrooms, herbal and cream sauce)

Lasagna Manzo Al Forno @ RM17.90
(chicken and cheese)

Pollo @ RM14.90
(mushrooms, garlic, cheese and tomato sauce)

 From the left: Fellxion, JiaJun, May

 From the left : Fellxion, Me, May

Highly Recommended!


hade_may said...

hungry liao:P

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

me too....I'm waiting for my mum to cook me lunch XD

Greg said...

I wonder,, does this Pizzeria have anything to do with Bella Italia London? he food doesn't look all to dissimilar it's just the decor that's changed...