Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Thoughts of My Internship

I passed a pink color form to my manager today. A evaluation form for manager to measure and mark everything about my learning progress. It should include the ability of communicate, task implementation, efficiency in completing works, enthusiasm, wearing style, appearance and etc.

Well, I got 37 out of 40 marks. When I got the form back from the manager, I was like 'jaw down', never thought of getting so good marks. Of course, I'm happy and satisfied with what I have. As what I know, my manager is a perfectionist, demanding, high efficiency, capable but not so good in controlling her emotion. *my colleagues said*

During this 8 weeks, I've learned a lot about event managements, preparation, how to run an event smoothly, problem solving, communication skills, press release writing, and translation. Not only the basic knowledge I've learned, but I do learn about emotion management skills. 

SMILE is a very important thing that to turn everything great. A smile expresses warmth and embracing. When you smile, you are giving others the best that you have inside yourself. For that very tiny moment, a speck in the infinite, you are making someone happy.

This is my secret of being so happy and enjoy in my internship. I admitted I have found a good internship company. I know this job is not easy, it's very tiring and must be ready to challenge new things. Thanks god! I received many compliments from the deputy editor, HR manager, business development manager and friends. As what they said, I'm a lively girl, friendly, always smile, willing to learn, smart, communicate well and... I'm so touched and surprised! 

TWO more days left. This Friday, I'm going to say goodbye to Nanyang. I'm sure will miss all my friends there. I'm here to say thank you to those who had taught me along these days. With their contacts, I can always keep in touch with them. *wink*

What I've done :
  • carnival 
  • baby contest
  • kids talent audition
  • open ceremony
  • function dinner
  • press conference
  • meeting
  • outstations (Sekinchan & Bukit Pelanduk)
  • prizes arrangement 
  • contest and winners
  • press release writing
  • contest form writing (rules & regulations)
  • translation 
  • free movie tickets

Two words to describe my working schedule : DAILY FRESH! *laughed*

 When I went to the Media Night

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aiwei said...

Great to see u enjoying ur internship. Looks really fun :)