Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 Happy Seasons Restaurant

First of all, I would like to say : HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ISAAC ROSE!

It was a awesome birthday celebration yesterday! First station, we went to 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant which located at the opposite of Wangsa Walk Mall. This restaurant has their own uniqueness as it is a conceptualized restaurant with a specific theme. The birthday boy bought us to this special restaurant with 4 season theme setting: Spring, summer, autumn and winter go in a sequence year after year and these seasons represent different moods.

After a few minutes of discussion, we picked 'winter' (not winter sonata). *laughed* I love the environment and the service is not bad too. A restaurant that highlights the many colorful cultures of Malaysia and with a strong emphasis on design Not only that, the food menu is also based on the 4 different seasons. I strongly agreed to their motto: ★ 5 star Environment 3 star pricing ★

Avelyn says: "Be careful when you go on the stairs as you may fall off."

 The sky was so blue after raining. I never know there is existence of such nice view.

 Girls, look up! 


Rihanna's umbrella version is outdated! Fellxion's new version: Stand under the lamppost~ post~post~

Everything is so blue, can you feel the coldness?

Nobody nobody but you~~ you~~ you~~

Oh No! Scandal! May with Avelyn?

From the left: Vanilla mixed with Red Bean *recommended*, Vanilla mixed with Sea Coconut, Vanilla mixed with Passion Fruit @ RM5.80 each

Ivory dress + Snow White Beverage + White Creamy Spaghetti *wink*

Balinese Grilled Seafood Spaghetti @ RM11.80 *delectable*
(I'm crazily in love with pasta/ spaghetti, luckily this creamy spaghetti didn't disappointed me.)

Chicken Breast Salad 
(Diet meal for Fellxion, I tried the sauce but not that impressing me.)

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Chop @ RM14.80
(Jun ordered this, somehow I don't like the sauce, sweet & spicy just not fine with blended together)

Balinese Lamb Combo @ RM23.80
(I don't eat lamb, so according to my friends, this lamb chop with satay sauce = lamb satay)

Japanese Seafood Udon @ RM9.80
(Honestly, it was not very delightful, nothing special.)

Clay Pot Tofu @ RM10
(If compared to Chinese Restaurant, the taste was not good enough.)

From the left: Yi Heng (birthday boy), Jun, Me
From the right: Fellxion, May, Avelyn

2nd Round: Wing's Restaurant

Wing's Restaurant is located in SS15, Subang Jaya (opposite row of Salmon Steak House). It's not as big as Station1 Restaurant but the singers are very talented! Awesome! 

Last time, I always went to Station1 Restaurant for 'yumcha' session. Since I came to Little Bali Restaurant, I don't feel like going to Station1 anymore. But now, Wing's will be my first choice among these 3 restaurant.  I came here twice and I noticed that one of the singer Joe is a very outspoken person. Making climate hot? It definitely not a problem for him!

It was already 11 o'clock when we arrived the place. Buying cake? All the cake shops have already closed. So, my friend May suggested to make a creative cake for him with oreo chocolate bar, ice-cream and ferrero. Let's see the picture below:

Not bad, huh?

The birthday boy was asked by the singer to go around and shake hand with audiences. He got meal for free! 

This is May! She went upstage and PK the singer! *a big clap for her*
She picked the song : When You Say Nothing At All

A great day! Unspeakable good! They made my day~

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