Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh! My feet are so sore after walking for a long time or in other words, spending more than an half day for shopping. This morning, I was constantly awakened by these voices -- when my little brother was playing piano at 8 o'clock! That's good for me as I had promised my sister to go shopping with her today. 

Actually, I didn't really have things to buy. The reason of going to Time Square was just to accompany my younger sister because she wanted to 'spend money'. *she's lucky to have a good sister like me*

Honestly, Time Square is really a 'kacang putih' leisure mall. The place is dazzling, dizzying, too colorful, too complicated and too many of similar shops. If counted by fingers, I have been here less than 8 times before. Overall, the apparels and accessories are very cheap. Fashion is everywhere, the most important thing is that you know well in matching the colors of clothes.

I just bought some facial masks, lips gloss, nail varnish, shoes and dress. In comparison between me and my sister, she bought a lot of things particularly in Sasa and Elianto. *$$$ flew away*

My sister spent about RM110 on Elianto products and thus she got the small teddy bear for free. If added together with Sasa products, she has spent about RM200 on cosmetics! 

A circle of 'Facial Mask' *I ♥ Aloe Vera*

After walking for few hours long, we had tea-time in Sushi King. I ordered a mini garlic fried rice, seafood pancake and egg-mayo sushi. My younger sister don't like mayonnaise food, so she just had a mini fried chicken rice and sushi.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Seafood Pancake) *scrumptious*

Garlic Fried Rice *appetizing*

Golden Ball *yummy~mouthwatering*

Alright. Tea-time was over! Let's go shopping again!

Do I look decorous in ivory dress? Yes, that's mine! I like my sister's tent dress as well.  
*we ♥ sharing*

But high heels cannot be shared. I don't know why she likes the heels I like.
So, I picked the white heels (size 37); blue heels for her (size 39).

5-Inch Heels (measured by my mum)
I saw this high heels on magazine, finally it's mine! *say yeah*

See! I told her that this color is more suitable for her
*she said: I still like the white color oh~*

She ♥ shopping! I ♥ shopping too!

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