Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Will Soon Graduate!

I've just arrived home not long ago. I came back with a big paper bag which is filled with 5 things (graduation gown, cap, entrance sticker, invitation cards & mini gift). Yes! I will soon graduate! *excited*

Oh, I'm so tired! I could hardly open my eyes while writing this post. So, I'm going to stop writing and go to bed because I still have a dinner with a bunch of friends later. *packed schedule*

 Blue colour -- symbol of UKM!

My graduation gown, cap and 2 invitations card for my parents to enter the hall.

 After taking the gown, I had lunch with my coursemates (Hui Er & Fee Ming)

Pei Shan & Polly (my ex-roommate) *wink*

Noodles (chicken meat & mushrooms)

Butter Cream Chicken 
(I wanted to order this but at last, I picked the noodles...sigh...)

Have you ever tried "Orange mixed Vodka"?
Haha! Joking! It's just a normal orange juice =p

Alright, I got to go. Sweet dreams, Eaven!


mazeermohamad said...

waaaa~~ kong hei, kong hei~ (^.^)

Eaven Sun Lee Peng said...

dor jie dor jie ~ (thank you thank you) ^.^