Friday, July 2, 2010

Memory: Primary School Teacher

What have I been doing these days? Either stay at home or hang out with friends. After having break for almost 5 days, I think it's time to make up my mind and plan for my future life. I should take a pen and paper, list down everything about what I want to be. Easier said than done. I chatted with a friend on MSN yesterday, he gave me many valuable suggestions. Thanks to Weng Seng!

Today, I woke up at almost 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Oh my! Pig! I quickly washed my face and went downstairs for lunch. After having my meal, I started cleaning my study room because I am the one who always keep the house clean among my siblings. When I opened a paper box, I flipped through all the cards and letters that given by my ex-student when I was a teacher in a primary school last 3 years. 

Time come and gone, another 3 years have passed. I will never forget the precious moments in my life. Guess what? I was a primary school teacher in year 2007 while waiting out the STPM result for an half year. It was a very well known Chinese primary school -- Lick Hung (力行). I was the class teacher and the subjects I had taught were Chinese, Mathematics, Sciences, Moral, Sport, Music and extra-curricular activity (PBSM for standard 5 only).

Honestly, it's not bad to work as a teacher as the working schedule is fixed. But for a outgoing person like me, I prefer flexible job that I can communicate with people, always learn new things and challenge myself to get improved. *gambateh*

When I read through the cards and letters, it kindled the sorrow and grief in my heart. They were so innocent and pure. They were sincere in telling 'I love you'. I was like a 'queen' in the class. When I was in bad mood, they knew it and they would definitely keep quiet. When I was in good mood, they were happy to play with me. With using different skills in teaching different students, you can handle your students well. *wink*

'Thank You Teacher' Teddy bear - given by one of my handsome student boy, Ivan.
(He's a very proactive boy, always make noise in the class, but still he's a good boy.)

Part of the cards & letters. *heart melted*

Get well wishes? I don't remember I got sick that time. LOL

Is that me? The girl dressed in Red? So pretty, huh?

Look at the handwork! Really great thought!

Why write 'To: Sun Lee Peng' at the bottom? *laughed*

'I Love You'

A handmade card from an excellent student.
(A big love in the front page, a million of  written 'thank you' when open the card)

A cute diary book from my favourite student.
(I really like her so much as she's cute & nice!)

Summary/ Translation: When I get to know teacher you are going to leave us soon, I feel so sad. I know you will go on to university, so I'll pray hard for you. I have so much to tell you, but I don't know where to start. Thanks for always encourage me, I will never forget you. You are really a good teacher. Although you might be strict sometimes, but I know you did it for my good. I love you, Miss Sun!

A Malay-Chinese mixed student made this story letter for me. What a creative way to say thank you!
*I miss you all, my lovely students*

Another bigger Teddy bear given by a flabby boy. He's a top student, cute and chubby!

I know that my students love me so much! Even their parents also told me : "Miss Sun, my son/ daughter is really like you, he/she only remember what you had told him/her". Some parents told me that their son/ daughter cried when I almost leaving the school.

 I believe in karma: People treat you in the way you treat them.